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Jan 1, 2020

A proper perspective of work will take you through much pain and duress on the job. It is an eye-opener, not to mention game changer, to know that all work, not just that of ministry, can be of service to the Lord. 


Dr. Larry Peabody wrote a thin little paperback book that was tossed to Terry about a month from his college graduation. The principles are timeless and have helped Terry and thousands keep their head on straight in good work times and horrific ones. Perspective Dr. Peabody provides will make all the difference in your work life, no matter how many months or years you've been working. 

GUEST: Dr. Larry Peabody

Dr. Larry Peabody

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Job-Shadowing Daniel: Walking the Talk at Work

Secular Work is Full-time Service | Serving Jesus in the Workplace

Curing Sunday Spectatoritis: From Passivity to Participation in Church


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